DFC Store

The information below will answer the most common questions related to the way the store works and help you use the store efficiently and quickly. This window will stay open for handy reference after you click on the link below to go to the store itself.

WHERE IS THE STORE? The DFC store is now integrated within the website, and you will find links in the above menus to purchase specific items. Purchase of membership and meeting related items (meeting registration and abstract submission) require that you identify yourself first through our membership directory search.

HOW CAN I REGISTER FOR THE MEETING? There is a single starting point for membership dues and member meeting registrations. Provide as little or as much information as you are comfortable with during the registration process. If no information is provided, the information provided to us from PayPal will be used.

Tax is NOT added to any item we sell.

SHIPPING? – The address recorded in the membership database is where we’ll send any DFC mailings, such as renewal notices and Proceedings. We do not charge shipping for any items sold in the store.

WANT MORE THAN ONE MEETING REGISTRATION? If you are purchasing multiple meeting registrations for different people, be sure to register for each one individually. All registration materials will be sent to the registered mailing address. If none is provided, then all materials will be sent to the address associated with the payer’s account.

WANT MORE THAN ONE MEMBERSHIP? If you are purchasing memberships for different people, you will have to go through the process of identifying each individual you are purchasing a membership for.

PURCHASE ORDER OR CHECK INSTEAD OF PAYING BY CREDIT CARD? Sorry, but we no longer accept either for purchases made through the online store. Please pay by credit card via the online store if at all possible. If you absolutely must use a check, register at the online store and mail your payment to the membership secretary.

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