Centro de Investigación Científica de Cuatro Ciénegas (CICCC)
Cuatro Ciénegas Scientific research center

Encargado de Proyectos Especiales - Chris Brandewie

CICCC GIS and Special Projects Manager - Chris Brandewie (eyewired@hotmail.com)

Chris joined the Army National Guard to pay for his undergrad education at Ohio State University where he earned a BS in Civil/Environmental Engineering. He was very active in numerous extracurricular teams such as; Environmental Design, Concrete Canoe, and the Department Soccer Team. As if he was not busy enough, during the last 3 years of his undergraduate studies he worked as a research intern for an environmental remediation organization. He went to grad school directly after graduating, one week later. His thesis work was the development of a cost database and standard methods for estimating repair costs of geological hazards to roadways for Ohio Department of Transportation. Chris also worked on a biostabilization project, which used live willow stakes planted on hillsides to prevent slope failures. He was also a teaching assistant for a water resource engineering class. Shortly after obtaining his masters in civil engineering he went to work as a youth ski instructor. After the snow melted and while waiting for an assignment in the Peace Corps he worked for an engineering firm mapping sewer systems for the city of Columbus, Ohio. Now that this engineer finds himself among biologists and conservationist he feels like a square peg being jammed into a circular hole, but is determined to make a square hole somewhere in the valley.

Encargado del SIG y Proyectos Especiales - Chris Brandewie (eyewired@hotmail.com)

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