W L Minckley Memorial Grant

The W. L. Minckley Memorial Grant Program has been established by the Minckley Family to honor the enormous contributions made by W. L. Minckley to the conservation and management of desert fishes in North America. This grant program supports research and projects that contribute to preserving the biological integrity of spring-dependent and stream ecosystems in northern Mexico and their associated life forms, in accordance with the mission of the Desert Fishes Council. Grant dollars will be awarded to Mexican students pursuing research towards an undergraduate or graduate degree to cover equipment, travel, and other costs associated with their research. Students must be members of the Desert Fishes Council to apply. Grant funds are dependent on annual interest available from the W. L. Minckley Memorial Fund Account. One grant will be awarded annually for amounts up to $400.

Grant recipients are expected to attend the Annual Meeting(s) of the Council during the grant period and present an oral paper or poster reporting on the project in which the funds are used. Recipients are also requested to acknowledge DFC support of the project in publications and presentations.

Proposals should be submitted by January 31 and awards will be made by March 31. Proposals received after the due date may be considered, depending on the availability of funds. Applicants will submit the completed pdf document of the W. L. Minckley Grant application electronically to the President (Kathryn.Boyer@oregonstate.edu) or Executive Secretary (Phildesfish@verizon.net) as a pdf document. All information requested on the form must be provided for consideration.

Selection criteria will include: (1) applicability to the DFC mission, (2) benefit to subject species, (3) conservation status of subject species, (4) potential for long-term beneficial impacts of the project, (4) probability of success, (5) applicant credentials, (6) availability of alternative funding sources, and (7) significance of the funding to successful completion of the project and long-term development of the applicant’s career.

Selection of projects will be by an ad hoc committee comprised of the Member-at-Large and two additional Council members, one of which will be a member of the Executive Committee. Members of the current selection committee and their students are not eligible to apply.