2015 Call for Papers

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The 47th Annual meeting of the DESERT FISHES COUNCIL (DFC) will be held NOVEMBER 18 to 22, 2015 (Wednesday to Sunday), hosted by the U.S. National Park Service at Furnace Creek Visitor Center in Death Valley National Park. The local committee is chaired by Phil Pister.

All events except the barbecue will be in the Furnace Creek Visitor Center. On-site registration will begin on Wednesday afternoon of November 18th with an informal cash bar mixer held in the hotel pub that evening. Oral and poster technical sessions will begin on Thursday (19th), and oral technical sessions will continue on Friday and Saturday (20-21). The DFC Business Meeting will be on Friday afternoon followed by a barbecue on Friday evening.

A student networking session organized by Heidi Blasius and hosted by Marliss and Michael Douglas will be held on Thursday (19th) evening from 6:30 to 8:30 pm beginning in the auditorium and reconvening in the Furnace Creek hotel pub OR OTHER VENUE.  If you are a student and wish to participate in the networking session, please RSVP with Heidi Blasius by noon on November 19.

Chris Norment will be performing a reading from his book Relicts of a Beautiful Sea in the Furnace Creek Visitor Center courtyard on Thursday immediately after the technical session.

A special symposium honoring one of DFC’s founding fathers, James E. Deacon, will be held Saturday morning. To qualify for participation, author(s) must include specific information in submitted abstracts (e.g., interactions, publications, etc.) that demonstrate the manner in which Dr. Deacon influenced the research to be presented. See additional details in the PRESENTATIONS section below.

Local field trip activities to sites in close proximity to Furnace Creek will occur on Sunday, November 22. Field trip options will be announced at the meeting.

All registration categories include a ticket to the barbecue on Friday night. Choose the “Accompanying person social event attendance” item ($45) in the DFC Online store to buy tickets for accompanying persons who are not registered for the meeting. “Accompanying person” tickets will not be available after Wednesday November 18th since the caterer requires advance notice of the number to be served. The regular menu will be barbequed chicken. A vegetarian option may be requested by simply emailing Phil Pister prior to November 1.



Register, pay dues, and purchase DFC products online at the DFC Online store.  Meeting registration rates double after the 1 October pre-registration deadline. Cancellations will be accepted until 31 October, but a $5.00 USD fee will be charged. Email your online store receipt to Phil Pister for a credit to your credit card if you need to cancel.

Registration types (Early categories disappear from the Online store at midnight PDT on October 1.  Fees are in U.S. Dollars)

EARLY meeting registration – DFC Latin American student member. $40.00
EARLY meeting registration – DFC Latin American regular member. $60.00
EARLY meeting registration – DFC student member. $90.00
EARLY meeting registration – DFC regular member. $225.00
EARLY meeting registration – DFC non- member. $275

LATE meeting registration – DFC Latin American student member. $80.00
LATE meeting registration – DFC Latin American regular member. $120.00
LATE meeting registration – DFC student member. $180.00
LATE meeting registration – DFC regular member. $450.00
LATE meeting registration – DFC non- member: $550

A block of rooms has been reserved at Furnace Creek Ranch/Hotel. The DFC room rate is $135/night plus 12% tax and $12 resort fee. The reservation desk can be reached by dialing 760-786-2345, and the DFC booking number for this year is 593200.

Alternatively, Furnace Creek Campground provides tent and RV sites. For Information and Reservations:  http://www.recreation.gov/camping/furnace-creek/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=70978



  1. Abstract Submission Deadline: October 1, 2015 no later than midnight Pacific Daylight Time! As in the past, presentation abstracts are submitted via an online web form. Whether oral or poster, presentations must fall within the scope of the DFC’s mission. No abstract will be accepted or scheduled without 1) payment of membership dues, 2) correctly formatted electronically submitted abstract, 3) and payment of meeting registration fees, unless submitted in coordination with DFC President and Program Secretary. Oral presentations are allotted 15 minutes (including questions and responses). Each presenter is limited to a single oral presentation, but poster presentations are not limited and are encouraged. Program space is limited and order of receipt will determine acceptance and programming of presentations.

A special symposium honoring one of DFC’s founding fathers, Jim Deacon, will consist of 6 to 8 talks that present current information on ecology, life history, conservation or systematics of desert fishes in the Owens Valley, the Virgin River, and other parts of Nevada. To qualify for participation, author(s) must provide specific information (e.g., interactions, publications, etc.) that demonstrate the manner in which Dr. Deacon influenced the research to be presented. Titles and abstracts for the Special Symposium must be submitted (as above) by September 15th, and also copied independently to DFC President Kathryn Boyer at Kathryn.Boyer@oregonstate.edu. Failure to submit Special Symposium abstracts as requested, and by the earlier due date could invalidate participation. Please note that all submittals may not qualify for the symposium. Those remaining after the symposium has been finalized will be forwarded to the contributed paper session for potential inclusion there. Questions specific to the Special Symposium should be sent by e-mail to Kathryn (e-mail above).

AREA REPORTS. These are special oral reports coordinated by ecoregion. Agency offices and other organizations desiring to contribute information to these reports should contact their corresponding Area Coordinator. Area Chairs will also be contacting individuals in their designated areas to solicit input to their reports. More information or help with this process can be obtained from the Areas Coordinator, who coordinates the work of all of the Area Chairs: http://www.desertfishes.org/?p=1843.

All submitted abstracts may be viewed on www.desertfishes.org along with their presentation dates and times once these have been added to the final program by the Program Committee.

  1. Delivery of PowerPoint files

Details regarding local ability to read different media (USB memory, CD’s etc.), file naming, etc., may be posted by the local host to www.desertfishes.org shortly before the meeting and will be available at the registration table in Furnace Creek.

  1. Awards

Awards are presented annually for the best presentations given by students. Students wishing to compete for these awards must indicate that in the submission of their abstract.



DFC provides limited financial assistance to defer expenses incurred to travel to present papers or posters, with preference given to students and citizens of Latin American countries. Special instructions detailed in the travel grants page must be followed to request travel support. Travel grant request forms must be received one month prior to the deadline for abstracts.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING THE MEETING: Watch for announcements and for periodic updates. Visit the Desert Fishes Council webpage for additional information, including: Membership Renewal, Abstract submission, and Travel Grant application forms/process.


Resolution submittal: Resolutions must be submitted using the wording provided here, and by October 1, 2015. The specific format required is detailed below:

Whereas the Desert Fishes Council (http://www.desertfishes.org) is an international organization numbering in excess of 250 professional members including agency, university, and private research and management scientists and resource specialists and other individuals concerned with the long-term integrity of North America’s desert ecosystems, and

Whereas the expertise of its members collectively reflects considerable decades of education and active experience working in the fields of aquatic ecosystem research, conservation and management, and followed by the resolution’s specific text (additional “whereas” statements explaining the particular situation of interest, etc.),

followed by this “Resolved” paragraph:

Resolved that the Desert Fishes Council, by majority vote of the membership assembled at its 47th annual business meeting on November 20, 2015 in Death Valley National Park, California:  (insert action statement asking recipients to do something, etc. possibly with additional “and, be it further Resolved” paragraphs);

And finally, a list of all persons to whom the letter is proposed to be sent must follow with complete mailing addresses for all.

Council action: Resolutions will be acted upon as per the Council’s Constitution and Bylaws, and may be edited by the membership. If approved by the membership, the approved version of the resolution will be promptly transmitted by the President to all recipients under a standardized cover letter that contains only the following text in the body of the letter following a standard salutation:

At its annual business meeting on 20 November 2015, held in conjunction with its 47th annual conference in Furnace Creek, the general membership of the Desert Fishes Council voted to approve and transmit the attached resolution to you and other recipients listed in the body of the resolution. We appreciate your consideration of its content.


President, Desert Fishes Council