Index to the Australian Desert Fishes Pages

These pages provide an insight into, and photos of Australian desert fishes and their habitats. It includes abstracts of all native and exotic fishes and documentation of their habitats.

Would you like a copy of my Desert Fishes Down Under paper, published in volume 26 of the Desert Fishes Council Proceedings? If so, click here and select part 3 which is my paper. There are two copies, the full version with photos or one without photos. Both are in .pdf format, details on how to deal with these are explained. Most of the material in this web page was based upon, and expanded from this paper.

General remarks on Australia's deserts

A brief overview of the environmental characteristics of Australian deserts.

Fish--general remarks

A brief overview of the ecological characteristics of Australian desert fishes.

Fish index

Contains a species listing with links to files on each species that occur in Central Australia. It includes native, exotic, and translocated native species. Most summaries contain fish pictures.

History of ichthyological exploration in Central Australia

Provides a brief summary of the discovery of Central Australian fishes through to what research is continuing today.


A summary of Central Australian lake habitats with photos.


A summary of Central Australian riverine habitats including threats to riverine fishes and a number of habitat photos.


A summary of Central Australian springs including threats to their continued existence and a number of habitat photos.

The future of Australian desert fishes

A short blurb on the future research required in order to maintain Central Australian fishes in their present relatively pristine state (relative to some other desert fish faunas from around the world).

Bibliography of central Australian fishes

A complete listing (hopefully!) of literature relating to Central Australian fishes.

Links to other neat Oz sites on the web especially those containing specifically Australian fishes or environmental information.

A collection of Aussie photos (mostly from the outback) that have nothing to do with fish.

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