Published Posters & Presentations

In partnership with the open access platform F1000Research, Desert Fishes Council is now able to host posters and slide presentations from our meetings, as well as original peer-reviewed publications relevant to the Council’s mission, on the Desert Fishes Council Channel in F1000’s web. Please read more below about this new and exciting way of publishing, and upload your content!

Submission of posters and slides is free and easy (takes around 2-3 minutes) and each contribution will be assigned a DOI. To submit your work please click the “submit to this channel” button on the channel page so it will appear in the correct channel ( We suggest copying your abstract submitted for the meeting into your F1000 submission. Note too that we are not limited to publishing only new contributions. Any contribution to any past DFC meeting can also be published here, and we encourage that.

Depositing your presentation in our F1000 site will bring it to the attention of a much wider audience, and will enable all researchers with an interest in your work to contact you and ask questions even if they were unable to attend the meeting in person. With the DOI, your contribution will also be indexed by all major indexing/search services, and it will be permanently available via that DOI, not to mention fully citable with citation tracking, etc.

Most questions about this service are answered in F1000’s web pages (their faq is very comprehensive), but their support is very good and questions about this invitation or about F1000Research in general can be directed to the F1000Research team at or to the DFC Proceedings Editor.

Dean Hendrickson
DFC Proceedings Editor