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This page includes links to Oz fish stuff, Australian Governmental Agencies, Australian general and tourist information, and some Australian pictures from across the web.

Oz Fish Stuff

The Action Plan for Freshwater Fishes Authored by Rob Wager and Peter Jackson. Excellent reading for anyone interested in the conservation of Australian fish. You'll have to follow the links to get to it, just click on action plans and then select the one for fishes.

Australian freshwater biogeography. Information on the biogeography of Australian freshwater fishes by Peter Unmack.

The Gambusia control website. Information on one of the World's greatest menaces damnbusia!

Native Fish Australia has an awesome web page with lots of information. They are a conserveration orientated organisation who's primary interest is the larger native fishes, but small ones are also given attention too!

The Australian Society for Fish Biology page. This is the professional fisheries society of Australia.

The Australian Society for Fish Biology Threatened Fishes Committee Site where the list of Australian threatened fishes can be found.

The Fish Section of the Australian Museum has a neat web site with information on collections, staff, and their research interests and publications.

The Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association is a group of aquarists, naturalists and scientists interested in Australian native fishes. They have regional groups all over Australia with two overseas even! Also associated with ANGFA is Adrian Tappin's Home of the Rainbowfish with a number of great photos and aquarium orientated articles on Austrlian fishes. Lots of information to be had there!

The North American Rainbowfish Study Group page. Basically ANGFA's sister group in North America. A great group with an informative publication and cheap rates.

The British Rainbowfish And Goby Society is there for interested Poms. It is a similar group to ANGFA and the RSG.

The last of the Australian fish clubs, (but certainly not least) is the International Rainbowfish Association which is based in Germany.

The archives of the Rainbowfish Mailing List. This list contains a wealth of information which has been active since 1996 and is seachable.

A neat page on Lepidogalaxias salamandroides

Richard Mleczko has a neat Mudskipper and Brackish Goby Home Page which focuses on Australian species.

And, if you are into Australian angling, this is the page for you!.

Three other fishy organisations deserve a special mention although there is little or no Australian content.

The Desert Springs Action Committee has a web page with details of their conservation trips to the southern Nevadan deserts. My good friend Bruce Bernard also has some neat pages on our trips to the desert and other stuff.

The North American Native Fishes Association has an excellent web page covering many aspects of North American fish. I presently look after the Arizona/Nevada regional group.

Australian Governmental Agencies

The Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) is the maintainer of the Australian Federal Department of the Environment's environmental information service "Australian Environment On-Line". It contains mountains of information pertaining to the Australian environment with links to climatic data, flora and fauna, endangered species and many other goodies.

There is also considerable conservation orientated information at the Environment Australia web page.

All cat lovers should read this one before you let pussy roam outside.

Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO)

Australian General Information / Tourist Stuff

Australian Tourism Information.

Australia's Northern Territory Travel Home Page with considerable tourist information. Worth visiting just for the number of attractive photos present.

Gulliver Media Australia Pty Ltd produces wildlife, natural history and environmental education films, videos and multimedia in Australia. This site has a bunch of neat wildlife pictures and information that is well worth visiting.

Various Australian Photos From Around the Web

A collection of Aussie pictures from Charles Stuart University.

The Zoology Department at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland has neat pictures including a walk through the rainforest, some pretty birds, and dragonflies.

Several waterfalls from Kakadu National Park. For those of you who like Koalas (which are actually not endangered in Australia). The beautiful crimson rosella.

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