Australian Desert Fishes Descriptions

This is a complete listing of Australian desert fishes inhabiting the Lake Eyre, Bulloo-Bancannia, and Western Plateau Drainage Divisions. Both native, exotic, and introduced (ie translocated) native fishes are included. An abstract is provided for each species. If the species name is followed by a P or SM then the abstract contains one or more pictures of that species and a very small basic map. Click away!


Nematalosa erebi bony bream P


Retropinna semoni Australian smelt P


Neosilurus hyrtlii Hyrtl's catfish P

Neosilurus gloveri Dalhousie catfish P

Neosilurus sp Bulloo false-spined catfish P

Neosiluroides cooperensis Cooper Creek catfish P

Porochilus argenteus silver tandan P


Craterocephalus centralis Finke hardyhead

Craterocephalus dalhousiensis Dalhousie hardyhead P, SM

Craterocephalus eyresii Lake Eyre hardyhead

Craterocephalus gloveri Glover's hardyhead SM

Craterocephalus sp Myross hardyhead


Melanotaenia splendida tatei desert rainbowfish P


Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis redfinned blue eye P


Ambassis mulleri western chanda perch P


Macquaria sp spp Lake Eyre golden perch/yellowbelly/callop P

Macquaria sp ssp Bulloo golden perch/yellowbelly P


Amniataba percoides banded grunter

Bidyanus welchi Welch's grunter P

Leiopotherapon unicolor spangled perch P

Scortum barcoo Barcoo grunter


Hypseleotris kluzingeri western carp gudgeon P

Hypseleotris sp A Midgley's carp gudgeon P

Hypseleotris sp B Lake's carp gudgeon (?)

Mogurnda clivicola Flinders Ranges, Barcoo, or Bulloo mogurnda/purple spotted gudgeon P

Mogurnda larapintae Finke mogurnda/purple spotted gudgeon P

Mogurnda thermophila Dalhousie mogurnda/purple spotted gudgeon

Mogurnda sp Frew mogurnda/purple spotted gudgeon


Chlamydogobius eremius desert goby P

Chlamydogobius gloveri Dalhousie goby P SM

Chlamydogobius japalpa Finke goby P

Chlamydogobius micropterus Elizabeth Springs goby P SM

Chlamydogobius squamigenus Edgbaston goby SM

Glossogobius giurus flathead goby

Exotic species


Gambusia holbrooki damnbusia

Phalloceros caudimaculatus one spot livebearer

Xiphophorus helleri green swordtail


Carassius auratus goldfish P

Cyprinus carpio Euorpean Carp P

Introduced species


Macullochella peelii peelii Murray cod

Macquaria ambigua ambigua Murray-Darling golden perch P


Bidyanus bidyanus silver perch P

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