Bidyanus bidyanus (Mitchell 1838)
silver perch


image 69KK jpeg 250mm (10in) TL fish from the Langlo River, Charleville, Queensland. Peter Unmack photo.


Up to about 600mm (2ft) TL and 8kg (17lb).

Introduced Distribution & Abundance

Silver perch have been stocked into Clayton Bore which leads into Lake Eyre (Unmack unpub. data). It has probably been introduced elsewhere, as it is a popular angling/eating fish, and fingerlings are readily available. There is also little monitoring on where fish hatcheries send fish to, even though it is illegal to translocate species outside their natural ranges.

Native Distribution

Murray-Darling Drainage Basin in south-eastern Australia.


The primary threat is hybridisation with Welch's grunter, a very closely related species. However, it is not known if hybridisation will occur between them.

Important References

Merrick, J. R. & Schmida, G. E. 1984. Australian Freshwater Fishes: Biology and Management. Griffith Press Ltd. 409pp.

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