Chlamydogobius japalpa Larson 1995
Finke goby


image 34KK jpg Male, 4cm (1.6in) TL, Finke River, Glen Helen Gorge, west of Alice Springs.

image 28KK jpg Alternative view of the same fish.
Peter J. Unmack photos.


The genus Chlamydogobius has just been revised by Helen Larson of the Northern Territory Museum (Larson 1995).


To around 60mm (2.4in) TL.

Conservation Status

At present, the Finke goby is unlisted, as it has only recently been recognised as different. It should probably be considered Restricted.

Distribution & Abundance

Largely restricted to the upper Finke River. It may be common, although it is typically not abundant.

Habitat & Ecology

They occur in relatively permanent waterholes. They are typically found amongst shallow aquatic vegetation. Their diet is probably omnivorous. Finke goby would have broad temperature and salinity tolerances like other Chlamydogobius sp.


The reproductive biology is probably similar to the desert goby.


The only present threat to this species is it's restricted range. The majority of relatively permanent water exists within National Parks or conservation reserves. Despite this, the introduction of non-native fish remains a potential threat.

Conservation Action


Conservation Recommendations

It would be beneficial if monitoring for the presence of introduced species is done on a regular basis.

Important References

Larson, H. K. 1995. A review of the Australian endemic gobiid fish genus Chlamydogobius, with description of five new species. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 12: 19-51.

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