Chlamydogobius squamigenus Larson 1995
Edgbaston goby



The genus Chlamydogobius has just been revised by Helen Larson of the Northern Territory Museum (Larson 1995).


To around 60mm (2.4in) TL.

Conservation Status

Listed as Vulnerable by the Australian Society for Fish Biology.

Distribution & Abundance

They occur in small numbers in approximately eleven of the Edgbaston Springs.

Habitat & Ecology

Edgbaston goby inhabit springs as shallow as 4cm (1.6in). Maximum and minimum water temperatures recorded in the springs are 38.5C and 3C respectively (100 and 37F). Diurnal temperatures may vary by 21C (38F) (Wager & Unmack in prep). Edgbaston goby co-exist with redfinned blue-eyes (Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis) in two springs, and damnbusia (Gambusia holbrooki) in two springs (Wager & Unmack unpub data). It is similar in morphology and colouration to desert goby.


Their reproductive biology is similar to the desert goby (Unmack and Wager unpub. data).


The principal threats include dambusia, cattle and sheep fouling the water, and dying in springs (Wager & Unmack in prep). Since the 1980's, 3 populations have disappeared, possibly due to predation/fin nipping by damnbusia (Unmack & Wager unpub. data).

Conservation Action

A research program to provide further distributional and population data and to monitor introduced species and threatening processes is presently being undertaken by Rob Wager (Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries) (Wager & Unmack in prep.).

Conservation Recommendations

Eliminate the impacts of feral and domestic animals possibly through fencing of the springs. Investigate possibilities for removal of damnbusia and methods to prevent further invasions. Re-establish former populations (Wager & Unmack in prep.).

Important References

Larson, H. K. 1995. A review of the Australian endemic gobiid fish genus Chlamydogobius, with description of five new species. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 12: 19-51.

Wager, R. N. E. & Unmack, P. J. (in prep) Threatened fishes of the world, Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis.

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