Fotos Aereas - Oct 2006

Fotos aereas de Cuatro Ciénegas - Octubre 2006
Aerial Photos of Cuatro Ciénegas - October 2006



As part of its mission to facilitate research and management, The Centro de Investigación Ciéntifica de Cuatro Ciénegas (CICC) and collaborators and sponsors are pleased to provide this large set of high-resolution aerial photos taken in October, 2006 to the community of researchers and managers interested in Cuatro Ciénegas.

These photos are a product of the 2005-2006 Cuatro Ciénegas Arundo Control project of CONANP, Pronatura NE and the CICC (Hendrickson) funded by a grant from the Wildlife Without Borders program of SEMARNAT and US Fish and Wildlife Service. Beyond funding provided by that project, however, CONANP generously provided the plane, fuel, pilot, photographic equipment and GIS technologists to take the images, as well as the preliminary image processing (see the metadata report).

While these images have great utility to researchers as provided here, work continues on them to fully georectify at least selected subsets of them for serious applications in a GIS. Read the metadata report before you use them. If you feel you can assist us with the very laborious georectification process, we welcome offers of help, as well as suggestions for prioritization of this task.



First, please send us a quick email (by simply clicking here) to help us track interest and usage of the photos to help justify further funding of such efforts. Once you've done that, the images can be easily viewed in the free Google Earth (GE) program. With that program installed on your computer, download the GE kmz file (developed by CICC Director Dean Hendrickson - please direct questions and comments to him) and open it in GE. Click on any dot, and then on the image that appears along with the file's basic data. Depending on the speed of your connection, it may take a while for the full-size image to appear since they are provided as full-resolution jpgs, however, we have found that most high-speed connections (e.g. cable modem, DSL) provide comfortable browsing of the images.

Users should be aware that, as explained in the metadata report, camera angle and elevation vary among photos. As a result coordinates provided here are approximations of the center of the image, and neither scale nor distortion, have been corrected or standardized. All of these issues will be addressed as possible in the ongoing georectification project, but even without such corrections, we are confident that many will find these images to be immensely useful for diverse research and management projects, and therefore chose to make them available "as is".

These images may be freely used for non-commercial purposes as long as the source is acknowledged (Centro de Investigación Ciéntifica de Cuatro Ciénegas - in all publications, reports, web pages, presentations, pamplets etc. We also require that all secondary products derived from these images be made freely available to the world community via links that we will install for you in this website. Send links to Dean Hendrickson (

All questions, requests for additional information, or information about the georectification process or offers to help with that, should be addressed to Ing. Chris Brandewie (


These images are made available by mutual agreement among the organizations that funded and participated in the project that led to their acquisition: