Table 3

Subfamilial placement of the Cuatro Ciénegas hydrobiid genera (based on the results of this study) contrasted with those of Taylor (1966a)

Taylor (1966a) This study
Family Hydrobiidae Family Hydrobiidae
Subfamily Cochiliopinae Subfamily Littoridininae
Coahulix (1) Coahulix (1)
Coachliopina Paludiscala (1)
Subfamily Littoridininae Mexithauma (1)
Mexipyrgus (1) Coachliopina
Duragonella Duragonella
Subfamily Nymphphilinae Mexipyrgus (1)
Nymphophilus (1) Subfamily Nymphphilinae
Subfamily Mexithaumatinae Nymphophilus (1)
Mexithauma (1) "Stobia" (3)
Subfamily Paludiscalinae Subfamily Unknown
Paludiscala (1) Orygocerus(?)(4)

(1) Genus endemic to the basin
(2) Subfamily considered endemic by Taylor (1966a)
(3) New Genus
(4)Systematic status uncertain

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