Table 8

Summary of the deployment of hydrobioid species among the various habitats in the basin. "++" = common, "+" = rare.

Small Springs Small Springs
Species Large Springs and outflows Head Outflow Marshes, Pools, Lakes
*Mexipyrgus churinceanus Taylor 1966a common na na na
*Mexithauma quadripaludium Taylor 1966a common na na na
*Nymphophilus minckleyi Taylor 1966a common na na na
*Cochliopina milleri Taylor 1966a rare na na na
*Duragonella coahuilae Taylor 1966a rare common common common
"Stobia" n. sp. na common common na
*Paludiscala caramba Taylor 1966a na common rare na
*Coahuilix hubbsi Taylor 1966a na rare rare na
*Coahuilix n. sp. na rare rare na
Orygocerus(?) sp na rare na na

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