Table 9

Ten morphological differences between "Stiobia" and Nymphophilus

"Stobia" Nymphophilus
operculum with 3.5 whorls 5.5-6.0 whorls
osphardium short Osphradium elongate
central tooth of radula with pair of basal cusps 3 pairs
male gonad overlaps stomach male gonad posterior to stomach
male gonad a single-lobed mass male gonad bush-like
penis with a singular glandular ridge 1-3 glandular ridges
penial lobe slender, with single fold penial lobe stout, with many folds
bolster and ventral channel poorly developed bolster and ventral channel well developed
bursa small (.21 of pallial oviduct length), dorsal to pallial duct, with a short duct bursa large (.32 of pallial oviduct length), posterior to pallial duct, long a short duct
opening of common genital aperature at end of pallial oviduct opening of common genital aperature lateral to pallial oviduct

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