DFC Proceedings are available in pdf format from Volume 1 (1969) to Volume XXXIX (2007) below. Some pdfs contain multiple years and are so designated.

As discussed during the 2013 Business Meeting, the Proceedings Editor and Webmaster are working to update the online content and convert the Proceedings from the historic format of annual bound issues to an online, searchable database of presented abstracts.

Vol I (1969)

Vol II (1970)

Vol_III-IX (1971-1977)

Vol X (1978)

Vol XI (1979).pdf

Vol XII (1980)

Vol XIII-XVa (1981-1983)

Vol XIII-XVb (1981-1983)

Vol XVI-XVIII (1984-1986)

Vol XIX (1987)

Vol XX-XXI (1988-1989)

Vol XXII-XXIII (1990-1991)

DFC Vol XXIV (1992)

DFC Vol XXV (1993)

DFC Vol XXVI (1994)

DFC Vol XXVII (1995)

DFC Vol XXVIII (1996)

DFC Vol XXIX (1997)

DFC Vol XXX (1998)

DFC Vol XXXI (1999)

DFC Vol XXXII (2000)

DFC Vol XXXIII (2001)

DFC Vol XXXIV (2002)

DFC Vol XXXV (2003)

DFC Vol XXXVI (2004)

DFC Vol XXXVII (2005)

DFC Vol XXXVIII (2006)

DFC Vol XXXIX (2007)

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