Sedges and Rushes

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All herbarium type specimens are courtesy of the New York Botanical Gardens Herbarium.

Key to the sedges of Cuatrociénegas
Clave de Cyperaceae de Cuatrociénegas
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Sedges (Family Cyperaceae) and rushes (Family Juncaceae) are wetland plants that superficially resemble grasses.  Below is a list of all the species found in Cuatrociénegas.  The first species name is that which is used in Pinkava's flora of the basin.  Any names after that are synonyms, with the accepted name of present in bold. 

Sedges have edges: they are usually have triangular stems, with leaves, if present, three-ranked, one for each side of the stem.
There are fifteen species of sedges found in Cuatrociénegas.

Rushes are round:  they have stems that appear circular in cross-section, and are solid, in contrast to grasses, which have hollow stems.
There is only one rush species found in Cuatrociénegas.

Below is a list with pictures of the sedges and rushes found in Cuatrociénegas.


Juncus torreyi


Carex planostachys herbarium sheet thumb
Carex planostachys

Carex pringlei herbarium sheet thumb
    Carex pringlei herbarium sheet thumb    Carex pringlei inflorescence thumb
Carex pringlei
L. H. Bailey

Carex schiedeana

Cladium jamaicense inflorescence thumb
   Cladium jamaicense habit thumb    Cladium jamaicense leaf thumb    Cladium jamaicense inflorescence thumb
Cladium jamaicense
Crantz; Cladium mariscus (L.) Pohl ssp. jamaicense (Crantz) Kükenth;            Cladium leptostachyum Nees & Meyen; Mariscus jamaicensis (Crantz) Britt.


Cyperus odoratus herbarium thumb
    Cyperus odoratus herbarium sheet thumb
Cyperus odoratus
L.;  Cyperus acicularis Schrad. ex Nees; Cyperus eggersii Boeckl.; Cyperus engelmannii Steud.; Cyperus ferax L.C. Rich.; Cyperus ferruginescens Boeckl.; Cyperus longispicatus J.B.S. Norton; Cyperus macrocephalus Liebm.; Cyperus macrocephalus var. eggersii (Boeckl.) S.D. Jones, J. Wipff & R. Carter; Cyperus odoratus var. acicularis (Schrad. ex Nees) O'Neill; Cyperus odoratus var. engelmannii (Steud.) R. Carter & S.D. Jones; Cyperus odoratus var. squarrosus (Britt.) S.D. Jones, J. Wipff & R. Carter; Cyperus speciosus Vahl; Cyperus speciosus var. squarrosus Britt.; Mariscus huarmensis Kunth; Torulinium confertum Desv. ex Hamilton; Torulinium eggersii (Boeckl.) C.B. Clarke; Torulinium odoratum (L.) S. Hooper

Dichromena colorata
(L.) A. S. Hitchc.; Rhynchospora colorata (L.) H. Pfeiffer

Eleocharis caribaea herbarium sheet thumb

Eleocharis caribaea
(Rootb.) Blake; Eleocharis geniculata (L.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes

Eleocharis cellulosa

Eleocharis montevidensis
Kunth; Eleocharis arenicola Torr.

Eleocharis rostellata habit thumb        Eleocharis rostellata inflorescence thumb
Eleocharis rostellata
(Torrey) Torrey;  Eleocharis rostellata var. congdonii Jepson; Eleocharis rostellata var. occidentalis S. Wats.; Scirpus rostellatus Torr.
Note the flattened, two-sided stem near the inflorescence.  Also note how the tip of the long shoot at the bottom has tissue ready for underground growth.  These grow long, fall over, and root into the ground.

Fimbristylis thermalis herbarium sheet thumb

Fimbristylis thermalis
Wats.; Fimbristylis spadicea auct. non (L.) Vahl; Scirpus spadiceus auct. non L.

Fuirena simplex

Schoenus nigricans

Scirpus maritimus inflorescence thumb    Scirpus maritimus shoot and leaf thumb    Scirpus maritimus herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus maritimus herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus maritimus herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus maritimus herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus maritimus herbarium sheet thumb
Scirpus maritimus
L. var paludosus (A. Nels.) Koyama; Schoenoplectus maritimus (L.) Lye;  Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla; Bolboschoenus maritimus ssp. paludosus (A. Nels.) A.& D. Löve; Bolboschoenus paludosus (A. Nels.) Soó; Scirpus fernaldii Bickn.; Scirpus maritimus var. fernaldii (Bickn.) Beetle; Scirpus pacificus Britt.; Scirpus paludosus A. Nels.; Scirpus paludosus var. atlanticus Fern.

Scirpus olneyi inflorescence thumb    Scirpus olneyi herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus olneyi herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus olneyi herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus olneyi herbarium sheet thumb    Scirpus olneyi herbarium sheet thumb
Scirpus olneyi Gray; Schoenoplectus americanus (Pers.) Volk. ex Schinz & R. KellerScirpus americanus Pers.; Scirpus chilensis Nees & Meyen ex Kunth; Scirpus conglomeratus Kunth; Scirpus pungens var. longisetus Benth. & F. Muell.


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