Literature about Cuatrociénegas
Literatura sobre Cuatrociénegas

The primary bibliography maintained by the Centro de Investigación has links to most of what is available via this web site, but older links to resources of general interest that may or may not appear there and/or are on the Desert Fishes Council website, are retained below until they can be provided in more modern formats via the primary bibliography.

La bibliografía principal mantenido por el Centro de Investigación tiene vinculos a la mayoria de los recursos disponibles por medio de este sitio web, además guardamos vinculos viejos a recursos de interés general pero en formatos no muy modernos, y/o cuales permanecen en el sitio web del Desert Fishes Council. No todos estos aparecen siempre en la bibliografía principal.

It is hoped that volunteer translators may eventually help us provide translations of many of these mostly English language publications. Please contact us if you are interested


"Environmental Perceptions and Local Conservation Efforts in Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, México", Valerie Calegari's 1997 thesis, is available here in full text with Spanish abstract, as is its separate bibliography.

Abstracts from the 1993 Desert Fishes Council symposium in Monterrey, Nuevo León, from the Desert Fishes Council Proceedings. There are bilingual abstracts for all papers.

W L Minckley's comprehensive bibliography compiled for the above-mentioned 1993 symposium.

Three decades near Cuatro Ciénegas, México: photographic documentation and a plea for area conservation, by W L Minckley from the 1992 Proceedings of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science (volume 26, issue 2, pages 89-119). Full text and figures of this paper are available here with the permission of the journal and author.

"Environments of the Bolsón of Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, México" written by W L Minckley and published in 1969 (Texas Western Press, The University of Texas at El Paso, Science Series, Number 2, 65 pages. SBN 87404-021-3) is long out of print and difficult to obtain. The UT El Paso press gave us permission to scan and re-publish this still very valuable work, which remains one of the most useful overviews of the habitats, organisms, ecology and hisotry of the basin.

Full text papers from the first symposium on Cuatro Ciénegas at the 1983 meeting of Desert Fishes Council.  Papers from this were published (with Spanish abstracts) as a special edition of the Proceedings of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science. With the permission of the editor of that journal, the complete text and figures of all of these papers was scanned and made available here.

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